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If it's a bijou in a blue box that spells quality and cachet,
stop here.
But, if you can savvy quality fine jewelry without the little blue box,
Maurice Goldman Fine Jewelry is your online treasure chest of precious pearl and gemstone jewelry.

Maurice Goldman Fine Jewelry since 1910
Four Generations Of Savvy Customers

Genuine Gems For Pearl Girls
Welcome to Maurice Goldman Fine Jewelry, an online enterprise with a long, distinguished history. Our new Direct-To-Consumer sales policy benefits you, the savvy consumer who understands style, quality, and value.

Direct-to-Consumer Sales at Wholesale Prices
  • Akoya, South Sea pearls, Tahitian, Keshi, Mabe, Biwa, and Freshwater Pearls.
  • Precious gemstone jewelry set with fine emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds.
  • One-of-a-kind fine jewelry items set in platinum, 18k, and 14k gold.
  • Unique estate jewelry pieces.

    Visit our Online Store to buy exquisite fine jewelry with HIGH style at LOW prices.

  • Three Generations of Integrity and Style

    My grandfather started our family business in 1910 after he studied the art of diamond cutting in Antwerp, Belgium, the center of the diamond trade. Maurice Goldman traveled to Scandinavia where he sold diamonds to discerning customers, including Norweigian royalty. After the first World War, he established his business in Belgium and Holland and built a respected and profitable enterprise selling diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires throughout Norway, Denmark and Sweden. He was a member of the Diamond Dealers Club in London, Antwerp, and New York.

    The present day business was established in 1943 when my grandparents arrived in New York with their sons, Isidore and Hector. Since the launch of the business in the diamond district of Manhattan's 47th St., the company has grown substantially, as did its reputation as dealers of quality diamonds, pearls, precious stones, and estate jewelry.

    Hector Goldman, the current president of Maurice Goldman and Sons, Inc., is a respected member of the New York Diamond Dealers Club since 1948, and The Jewelers Board of Trade.

    As children, we watched as my father's buying and selling trips took him to distant points around the world. With the advent of virtual communication, and the ability to transact business through a single click, our opportunity and mandate is to source new markets and reach customers that might not have had access to the quality and variety of our product lines.

    Thank you for getting to know us. We look forward to including you in our expanding circle of discerning customers.

    If you prefer to leaf through our catalog, just send your name and address and we will mail it to your home or office.

    Official PayPal Seal
    For Designers
    Odd, Unusual, One-of-a-Kind Shapes
  • Lapis lazuli carvings
  • Light and dark green jade carvings
  • Peach color freshwater pearl ovals
  • Biwa slipper shapes
  • Pink coral branches
    Request a Maurice Goldman and Sons, Inc. Designer Catalog.

    Toll Free Customer Service: 1.800.847.8878
    Contact Maurice Goldman and Sons, Inc.

  • User:jefferson1813 ( 150096Feedback score is 100,000 to 499,999)   Date:Jan-28-15 06:34:33 PST
    Praise: good buyer , looking forward to doing business with you again !
    User:jamdweck ( 72Feedback score is 50 to 99)   Date:Aug-01-13 10:36:55 PDT
    Complaint: Ring was represented on listing as size 7 and it arrived a size 7.5. disappointe
    User:kadishka ( 1748Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)   Date:Jun-14-13 07:21:56 PDT
    Praise: Thanks! Great shipping and perfect rose! +++++
    User:wangfuzhai2011 ( 546Feedback score is 500 to 999)   Date:Feb-24-13 18:52:44 PST
    Praise: The integrity of the seller. True.
    User:chriscard1 ( 886Feedback score is 500 to 999)   Date:Dec-13-12 08:39:23 PST
    Praise: Everything great...thanks!
    User:bidding0ne ( 16Feedback score is 10 to 49)   Date:Aug-18-12 19:11:33 PDT
    Praise: Does not look vintage
    User:privatecollector123 ( 201Feedback score is 100 to 499)   Date:Jun-28-12 14:42:06 PDT
    Neutral: Thank you but decided not to purchase ring
    User:ortgw3 ( 56Feedback score is 50 to 99)   Date:May-07-12 07:27:18 PDT
    Praise: Quick secure shipping; pearl enhancer just beautiful and good price too.Thanks.
    User:rjm209 ( 1474Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999)   Date:Nov-19-11 10:35:36 PST
    Praise: Beautiful bracelet, Thank you so much.
    User:rexncarole ( 498Feedback score is 100 to 499)   Date:Nov-11-11 09:56:37 PST
    Praise: luv the ring, thank you for the great price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    To protect bidder privacy, when the price or highest bid on an item reaches or exceeds a certain level, User IDs will be displayed as anonymous names. For auction items, a bold price means at least one bid has been received.

    Note: Anonymous names may appear more than once and may represent different bidders.

    Item Start End Price Title High Bidder/Status
    180428968108 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 13:57:02 $375.00 26" Chunky, Baroque Baltic Amber 19mm, hidden clasp Available
    180428977868 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:18:59 $795.00 Pave Diamond Ring 1.0ct 14K Yellow Gold Sz 4 Vintage Available
    400083642341 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:23:34 $1,050.00 3-Row 7mm Cultured Pearl Bracelet + Carnelian Cab Clasp Available
    400083644665 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:36:55 $2,150.00 13.75mm Round South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings 18K YG Caps Available
    180428987032 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:43:40 $2,250.00 1.04ct Oval Natural Alexandrite + Cert. 4.93x6.93x3.5mm Available
    180428988250 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:47:12 $450.00 1.41tct Round Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings 14K YG Available
    180428988290 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:47:19 $825.00 Carved Lapis & 0.07ct Natural Diamond Pin/Brooch 14K Available
    400083646656 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:49:25 $795.00 16.5mm White Mabe Cultured Pearl Earrings 14K YG Omega Available
    400083647635 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:54:06 $495.00 9.25mm Akoya Cultured Pearl & 0.12ct Diamond Pendant Available
    400083648191 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 14:58:21 $775.00 3-Row Blue Enamel & 14K Yellow Gold Square Clasp Available
    400083648768 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:00:50 $340.00 Tiger Eye & Topaz Brooch/Pin 14K YG L: 1.75" Available
    180428993287 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:03:12 $950.00 Peridot, Citrine, Garnet, Diamond 14K Brooch/Pin 9.25gm Available
    400083650939 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:10:31 $150.00 Choker Baroque 5-5.5mm Akoya Cultured Pearls 16" Available
    180428997019 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:13:54 $99.00 18" Hi Luster FW Pearl Necklace 8 mm +14K clasp Available
    180428999432 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:19:51 $3,275.00 2-Row Semi Baroque 9.5mm Cultured Pearl Necklace 14K Cl Available
    400083652699 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:21:22 $16,750.00 Estate 5.6tct Old Mine Diamond Platinum Pendant Nklc Private Listing
    180429002567 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:29:04 $3,300.00 5-row Natural Rose Cultured Pearl Necklace Enamel Clasp Available
    180429002709 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:29:29 $1,200.00 Girard Perregaux Diamond 14K Ladies Watch Vintage Mint Available
    400083654876 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:33:54 $3,825.00 3-Row 8mm Cultured Pearl Bracelet + Diamond Clasp L=8" Available
    180429004839 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:35:24 $3,000.00 18K Gold Diamond Earrings 1.92tct L:1.5" Omega Available
    180429005279 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:36:48 $3,650.00 3ct Natural Ceylon Sapphire & 2.25tct Diamond Ring 18K Available
    400083655514 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:38:24 $3,650.00 9.5mm White Baroque Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace 18" Available
    400083655823 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:40:38 $1,350.00 18x10mm Gray Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Pendant 14K 18" Available
    400083656019 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:41:49 $1,995.00 19mm Ridged Solid 14K YG Bangle Bracelet 7 inch 45g Available
    180429008186 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:46:56 $2,700.00 10-Row Japanese Akoya Keshi Pearl Necklace 30" 18K Clp Available
    400083657375 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:50:16 $125.00 24" Black/Silver Freshwater Pearl Necklace: 6-6.5mm 14k Available
    180429010082 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:53:54 $195.00 WHITE or BLACK Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings 14K YG Available
    180429011204 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:56:49 $1,595.00 3-ROW AKOYA CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE + 14K CLASP Available
    400083658672 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 15:59:20 $1,895.00 4-Row 7.5mm Cultured Pearl Bracelet +14K Bow Clsp L=7" Available
    180429012344 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 16:01:03 $575.00 Amethyst Pendant/Enhancer 14K YG Trapezoid Amethyst Available
    400083659670 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 16:05:26 $500.00 4mm Royal Blue Lapis Strand (Unstrung) 104 beads Available
    180429013463 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 16:05:36 $575.00 11mm White Oval Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace 17" Available
    180429014229 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 16:09:09 $675.00 9.5mm PALE LAVENDER ROUND FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACE Available
    180429014302 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 16:09:34 $450.00 Citrine Peridot Topaz Garnet Amethyst Tennis Bracelet Available
    400083660494 Nov-05-09 Apr-08-15 16:10:46 $595.00 19.25mm Blue Mabe Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings 14K WG Available
    400084012513 Nov-07-09 Apr-10-15 15:09:24 $750.00 9.5mm Pale Peach Baroque Freshwater Pearl Choker Available
    400084013353 Nov-07-09 Apr-10-15 15:17:27 $335.00 1.5" Lapis Dangle Earrings + Diamond & 14K Chinese Stud Available
    400084013605 Nov-07-09 Apr-10-15 15:20:00 $395.00 0.12ct Sapphire & 0.5ct Diamond 14K YG Pin/Brooch Available
    400084013772 Nov-07-09 Apr-10-15 15:21:11 $425.00 14.25mm White Mabe Cultured Pearl Earrings14K YG Available
    180429762841 Nov-07-09 Apr-10-15 15:22:41 $150.00 Vintage Center Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Stick Pin Available
    180429764848 Nov-07-09 Apr-10-15 15:31:00 $395.00 Diamond & Cultured Pearl 14K Yellow Gold Pin/Brooch Available
    180430544598 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:02:30 $325.00 13mm Peachy Coin Freshwater Pearl Necklace 33" L Available
    180430545817 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:05:01 $625.00 4-Row Biwa Cultured Pearl Necklace + 14K YG Clasp Available
    400084378758 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:06:54 $375.00 Cultured Pearl + Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Earrings Available
    180430548965 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:11:19 $135.00 Carved Coral Rose Stick Pin 14K white gold Available
    400084379965 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:11:52 $135.00 Lavender Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace 18" Available
    400084380527 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:14:23 $195.00 1.25" Triple White Biwa Pearl Dangle Earrings 14K posts Available
    400084381225 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:16:59 $375.00 20" 3-Row Pink Coral Necklace & Handcarved Pendant Available
    400084382022 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:21:21 $265.00 Fine Italian Hand Carved Salmon Coral Flower Pin/Brooch Available
    400084384147 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:29:21 $2,150.00 10mm Bronze FW Cultured Pearl Necklace 18K Diamond Clsp Available
    180430560329 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:33:38 $350.00 0.84" Akoya Cultured Pearl & Jade 14K Gold Circle Pin Available
    400084385827 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:38:07 $495.00 0.08ct Diamond & Cultured 9.5mm Pearl Pendant 2"L 18K Available
    400084386558 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:41:43 $17,750.00 14-12mm Round Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace 17" 14K Available
    400084387498 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:45:34 $4,595.00 Estate 4tct Pave Diamond Dome 18K Yellow Gold Ring Available
    400084388279 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:51:02 $550.00 7.25mm Cultured Pearl & 0.4ct Diamond 14K Gold Ring Available
    180430569896 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:53:20 $2,000.00 1.10tct Natural Sapphire & Diamond 18K YG Brooch Available
    400084388734 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:54:07 $595.00 Fancy Yellow Diamond & Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant Available
    180430570978 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:56:12 $725.00 11mm Round Dark Blue Lapis lazuli Necklace 14K Clsp 18" Available
    400084389633 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:58:50 $1,550.00 Amethyst Heart 14K Pendant +0.25ct Diamonds on Bale Available
    180430572186 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 11:59:01 $160.00 0.2tct Diamond Earrings 14K White Gold 18mm Available
    400084389892 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 12:00:14 $345.00 Natural Pink Pearl Keshi Necklace 16" 14K WG Available
    180430580948 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 12:18:36 $575.00 18mm Cultured Pearl & 0.15tct Diamond Cocktail Ring Available
    400084394356 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 12:20:23 $475.00 Cultured Pearl Brooch/Pin 14K YG Flower Pin Available
    400084394732 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 12:23:03 $395.00 Pearl Diamond 18K Gold Pendant: 9mm Akoya Black Pearl & 0.8ct Diamond Pendant Available
    400084398431 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 12:42:45 $23,890.00 13.4-10.3mm Gray Round Tahitian Pearl Necklace 19" Private Listing
    400084398844 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 12:44:54 $625.00 Peacock Black Tahitian Mabe Blister Brooch/Pin/Broach Available
    180430632400 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 13:45:27 $2,295.00 Round 3.3ct Sapphire & 0.39ct Marquis Diamond Ring 18K Available
    400084412232 Nov-09-09 Apr-12-15 13:50:49 $6,000.00 1.69ct Emerald-cut Emerald & 1ct Diamond Ring Plat+18K Available
    400084601861 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 11:45:35 $1,275.00 11mm Oval Blue/Black 18" Freshwater Pearl Necklace Available
    180431007354 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 11:46:45 $445.00 10.5 mm Pink, Black, White Cultured Pearl Strand 18" Available
    400084602521 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 11:48:52 $650.00 3-Row Green Malachite & 14K Gold Bead Necklace 20" Available
    400084606768 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:07:05 $350.00 Natural Pink Pearl Keshi Necklace 16" 14K YG Available
    400084607103 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:08:32 $700.00 20x14mm Citrine Topaz 14K Ribbed Yellow Gold Ring Available
    180431017170 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:09:48 $375.00 White Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Bracelet 14K Clasp Available
    180431018433 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:12:51 $325.00 Heart Shape Lapis Cabs in 14K YG Stud Earrings Available
    180431019344 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:15:32 $625.00 Heart Mabe Cultured Pearl Earrings 14K YG Omega Bks Available
    180431019995 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:17:05 $825.00 Cultured Pearl 14K Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet 7" Available
    400084609647 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:19:00 $425.00 Akoya Cultured Pearl 0.3ct Diamond & 14K YG Pendant Available
    180431022330 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:21:28 $345.00 Cultured Pearl, Ruby, Emerald 18K Gold Ring Available
    400084611022 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:25:24 $675.00 10mm Gold Akoya Cultured Pearl & 14K Gold Bracelet 7.5" Available
    180431024637 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:27:01 $585.00 0.25tct Diamond and Triple-Cultured Pearl Ring 14K YG Available
    180431037849 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 12:55:51 $11,000.00 1940s Turquoise Sapphire Diamond 18K Pin Webb style Available
    400084618902 Nov-10-09 Apr-13-15 13:00:24 $1,750.00 Vintage Gent's Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Cufflinks Available
    180431324333 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 06:39:55 $12,750.00 10mm Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace 18K Diamond Available
    400084765412 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 06:52:13 $13,950.00 9.5mm Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace 18K Diamon Available
    180431331869 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 07:09:15 $10,750.00 3-Row Triple 9mm Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace Available
    180431335278 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 07:22:26 $9,575.00 9mm Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace 18K Diamonds Available
    180431357500 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 08:35:03 $1,750.00 12 mm SOUTH SEA PEARL RING Available
    180431358208 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 08:36:58 $1,175.00 8.5mm Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace 18" Available
    400084788197 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 08:47:21 $1,195.00 12.5 mm WHITE SOUTH SEA PEARL PENDANT + Diamond Cap Available
    180431363524 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 08:51:16 $1,075.00 1.0tct White Diamond Heart Pendant + 14K WG Chain Available
    180431365577 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 08:56:26 $1,050.00 14K W Gold 0.5tct Diamond & Cultured Pearl 2-Row Clasp Available
    400084793332 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 09:06:44 $3,275.00 8.5mm Single Strand Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace Available
    400084798404 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 09:31:10 $435.00 3.5mm 14K Engraved Gold Bangle Bracelet L:6.75 inch Available
    400084799011 Nov-11-09 Apr-14-15 09:33:34 $500.00 0.03ct Diamond 14K yellow Gold Locket 26mm round Available
    400085114741 Nov-12-09 Apr-15-15 14:41:41 $2,250.00 7-Row 5mm Lapis Lazuli Bib Necklace + 14K Serpent Clsp Available
    180431950632 Nov-12-09 Apr-15-15 14:47:00 $2,275.00 1.14ct Oval Blue Sapphire & Diamond 18K YG Ring Sz=6.25 Available
    400085115774 Nov-12-09 Apr-15-15 14:48:40 $2,000.00 1.25ct Sapphire & 0.76ct Diamond Pendant/Enhancer 18K Available
    400085117065 Nov-12-09 Apr-15-15 14:57:46 $1,850.00 Lustrous 9-Row Natural Gray Keshi Pearl Necklace Available
    180431954929 Nov-12-09 Apr-15-15 15:01:49 $575.00 Mother-of-pearl 14K earrings Omega backs Available

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